KiwiRemote Users:

 Turkish Popstar Bengu's Band:
  FOH & Monitor Mix : Ilker PARLA
  Drums : Ates OZTURKMEN
  Percussions : Kerem SEFIL
  Bass : Cemil TATLIPINAR
  Guitars : Cenk ERDOGAN
  Keyboards : Timur ARAT
  Keyboards : Soner KIVANC
  Back Vocal : Nihan DOGAN

 Yilmaz Yeniyol:
  (Sound Engineer, Isin Karaca band, Fatih Erkoc band, Leman Sam band)

 Ates Ozturkmen:
  (Drums, Bengu band, also added KiwiOSC to his setup)

 Brent Shattuck:
  ''S&H STUDIOS AND SOUND'' has been prefered to use the KiwiRemote at his studios and the stage.

 Ivan Cessar:
  He and his band controls stereo and aux channels of 01V96i with KiwiRemote.

 Altan Atasavun:
  He prefers CL5 and KiwiRemote for the musicians of famous folk star Kubat.

 Harun Aksoy:
  As a sound engeneer for Burcu Gunes and her band, he prefers KiwiRemote.