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KiwiRemote updated
New CL Series control has been added with KiwiRemote v1.3...


KiwiRemote Beta
Updated KiwiRemote can control all of the Yamaha digital consoles...


KiwiRemote and KiwiOSC updated
more functions and more friendly...


KiwiRemote Rack
KiwiRemote Rack is the choice of the professionals and as easy as pushing one button. Coming soon...

What is KiwiRemote?

KiwiRemote is a Max5 standalone program written by Soner KIVANC to control the digital mixing consolles like Yamaha M7CL. KiwiRemote can receive the OSC messages coming from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad devices or mobile phones using Android or mobile PCs running KiwiOSC using wi-fi (UDP) connection.

User can control the input channel fader and pan parameters of the consolles as using a wireless remote device.

Musicians can mix their personel monitors or sound engineers can mix the FOH, monitors or side-fills remotely using their iPhone like mobile devices.

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Controlable with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and laptop running KiwiOSC. Can work with more than one device simultaneously. User-friendly GUI and easy to control. User can rename the channel labels. Custom design for remote GUI.

  • Controlable with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and laptop running KiwiOSC.
  • All Yamaha models ready control parameters (AuxMix, StereoMix and MatrixMix).
  • Can connect with ad-hoc network, no need to have Access Point.


For digital mixing consoles...

Yamaha M7CL48

Remote controlling software for digital mixing consoles.

Programming by A. Soner KIVANC