KiwiRemote Free 15-Days Trial Version

Notes for installation:

1. Run ''KiwiRemote setup.exe''

2. Please read License Agreement then press [ Install ]

3. When the first time you run KiwiRemote, Windows System opens a dialog about Windows firewall. Choose allow KiwiRemote.

4. Please connect the midi cables between PC and Yamaha Console as "PC midi out --> Yamaha midi in ; Yamaha midi out --> PC midi in". Find "MIDI SETUP" page and set the midi settings as:

 Port/Ch : Tx Midi and CH1
    Rx Midi and CH1
 Parameter Change : Tx On
    Rx On
    Echo Off

5. We recommend to use access point (wireless router) for control data transfer. You can use Ad-Hoc Network wireless connection PC and the mobile devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android running smart device or mobile PC running KiwiOSC). Link for helping about "how to set an Ad-Hoc Network" is here.

6. You can read the details about KiwiRemote in "KiwiRemote manual".

7. For your questions about installation please contact

8. This is a 15-Days Trial Version of the KiwiRemote. To buy the software please click [ BUY NOW ]. We will send you the license key file for unlimited usage.

9. If you want to control the KiwiRemote by iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android please install TouchOSC from Apple's Application Store. You can edit the layouts (faders & pan design or track names) by using the editor of TouchOSC which is downloadable on its site. Or you can use the mobile PC running KiwiOSC. It's easy and reliable.

Try The Software


KiwiRemote Setup * download

* Please backup the folder ''C:/KiwiRemoteDatas''
  before update to avoid the loss of personal mix datas.

KiwiOSC Setup download

TouchOSC layouts:

Monitor Mix Stereo (iPhone) download

Monitor Mix Stereo (iPad) download

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